Bugifi is a noiseless flying insect exterminator that applies embedded arrays of ultrasonic transmitters that attract and eliminate flies and other insect vectors in the home via extermination by an electronic clapper.



⦁ Mosquitoes and other flying vector insects are things that no house owner would want to have around them.

⦁ Besides the dangers of disease and illness from the vector insects, its also appalling to have vector insects roaming around the building.

⦁ Current methods such as burning coils and mosquito repellants pose both an environmental risk from chemical pollution and exposure of the human respiratory system to toxic chemicals.


The prototyping iteration required multiple sketches both tangible and intangible components such as electronics and circuit diagrams.

The first iteration of the prototype encompasses two layers. The top layer has two switches, one for the EHT mesh and one for the ultrasonic controller.

The outer mesh is meant to provide insulation for the consumer to avoid electrocution during curious inspections.
A spiral led light spectrum is designed to attract insects at night and to create the mosquito coil visuality while the casing of the outer package edges are beveled.

Market Ready Product Design

Final Design

The Final Product design for Bugifi Power dichotomy between sensing element and insect actuator. It
Toned visible illumination attraction for insects to repel them from human inhabited zones. It also incorporates a power grid equivalent mesh eliminator, Non-aerosol insect repellant mechanism to prevent cause of pulmonary issues, non-invasive insect flight path disruptor within 60metres and approximately 75degrees line of sight.

The appliance is battery powered and rechargeable with long lasting battery life 8 hours and can be alternatively charged via solar Power with terminal conductors.

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