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Weareables Research is an experimental wearable innovation that explores the use of interactive sensors and Haptic Feedback for the design of wearable technologies both for industrial use as safety gear or runway aesthetics for artistic and design statements.

How it Works

It works simply by Reading the sensor value of the infrared sensors, Process proximity to infrared emitting objects and then the illumination is triggered on the LED lighting.

Design Concept

To read the sensor value of the infrared sensor and create an interactive behavior for the LED. The Data Flow is from the infrared sensor to micro-controller to LEDs. When the infrared sensor senses proximity to infrared emitting objects it triggers illumination on the dress using LED.
The pattern of flicker on the LED illumination depends on the distance of the infrared emitting object to the infrared sensor.

Opportunity areas include

⦁ Environmentally Responsive Costumes.
⦁ Gala Night / Awards Costumes
⦁ Safety Clothing
⦁ Dance Crew Costumes
⦁ Engineering Wears
⦁ E-Textiles

Other Projects