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Thanks for visiting our Art and Tech portfolio! The job we accomplish at Gallery of Code is something we are proud of. Explore our wide range of Art+Project to see how our knowledge, originality, and dedication to quality are put to use.

Memick is an interactive Arts x Tech installation that explores the use of computer vision to achieve participatory engagement in advertising…

Weareables Research is an experimental wearable innovation that explores the use of interactive sensors and Haptic Feedback for the design….

Gallery of Code held a summit – Arts x Tech Festival Abuja which brought together artists and technologists or anyone curious to connect the intersection between art and technology to unlock alternative perspectives and possibilities of new creative formats tied to our normal daily routines which are in large part, determined by technology.

Investigate Technology is an artist residency sponsored by the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs of Austria. It featured a workshop series by Dr Ida Marie Corell Gallery of Code titled “Investigate Technology” which sought to question the philosophical meaning and connotation of technology through creative use of plastic bags.