World Bank Tracer Study Project

Gallery of Code is lending its engineering expertise to the World Bank and National Board for Technical education to design and develop a Tracer Study Software for conducting a Nationwide tracer study on technical and vocational education in Nigeria.

A Tracer study software is a specialized tool or application designed to conduct tracer studies efficiently and effectively. Tracer studies are research methodologies used to track and analyze the educational and career paths of graduates or participants of a specific program or institution.

Tracer Study Data Modeling and Indicators Design

Development of the Tracer Study Software (TSS).

Deploying to live production and technical support.

Conduct Tracer Study with Tracer Study Software.


The Tracer study software will automate the current manual process of designing and conducting a tracer study/survey. Consequently the output from the tracer study will help national agencies improve technical and vocational education in Nigeria.