Project 3

It seems like you’re looking for a collection or gallery of code examples. There are various online platforms and websites where you can find code snippets and examples for different programming languages and tasks. Here are a few popular ones:

  1. GitHub Gist: GitHub’s Gist platform allows users to share and collaborate on code snippets. You can search for specific programming languages or topics and find a wide range of examples. Website:
  2. Stack Overflow: While Stack Overflow is primarily a question and answer site, it also contains a vast number of code examples provided in responses to questions. You can search for specific programming issues or topics to find relevant code snippets. Website:
  3. CodePen: CodePen is a social development environment for front-end developers. It’s a platform where you can create and share HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code snippets, as well as see what others have created. Website:
  4. JSFiddle: Similar to CodePen, JSFiddle is a web-based platform for creating and sharing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code snippets. It’s commonly used for quickly testing and sharing code examples. Website:
  5. Rosetta Code: Rosetta Code is a community-driven platform that provides code examples for the same task in multiple programming languages. It’s a great resource for comparing how different languages approach the same problem. Website:
  6. GitHub: Beyond Gists, GitHub repositories often contain complete projects and code examples. You can search GitHub repositories using relevant keywords to find projects and code that match your interests. Website:
  7. is a community platform for developers to share and discuss programming-related topics. It often includes articles and tutorials that include code examples. Website:

Remember that while these platforms offer a wide variety of code examples, it’s essential to review and understand the code you find to ensure it meets your specific needs and adheres to best practices. Always make sure to give credit to the original authors and respect any licensing terms associated with the code you use.