Presentation on Generative Arts at Abuja Artist Meetup

The boundaries of the intersection of Arts and Technology is increasingly being pushed as our lives become more dependent on the digital world.  Even more interesting to note is the heavy influence on digital on creativity.

Over the last 50 years, our world has turned digital at breakneck speed. No art form has captured this transitional time period – our time period – better than generative art. Generative art takes full advantage of everything that computing has to offer, producing elegant and compelling artworks that extend the same principles and goals artists have pursued from the inception of modern art.

Gallery of Code has been exploring the intersection between technological tools of today such programming languages, coding and interactive sensors.

The visualization above was generated by lines of code written in a language and platform called “Processing” the visualization can be used in projection mapping or to create engaging interactive art pieces.

Credit: NaijaTech Community

Knowledge sharing is a vital element of our work at Gallery of Code and were excited to share insights of our work in Generative Art with the Abuja Creative Community at the Naijatech Meetup Abuja.

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