Drone Workshop

Gallery of Code invites you to participate in a hands on practical session and expose on Drone technology, entrepreneurship, and STEM education, from technologist, education, and humanitarian Eno Umoh.

Facilitator Profile

Eno Umoh is a co-founder of Global Air Media, a company engaged in aerial mapping and cinematography projects worldwide. Umoh regularly trains students in the skills necessary to create and use constantly developing working technologies. In addition to commercial services, Umoh organizes Build-A-Drone camps to promote initiatives in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics for children in the US, Nigeria, UAE, UK, and Kyrgyzstan. He regularly implements out-of-school programs for low-income youth in Washington and in the Baltimore district. Umoh also used unmanned aerial vehicles to map humanitarian work, such as the impact of hurricanes in Puerto Rico and the refugee crisis in Burma and Bangladesh.

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