Drone Workshop with U.S State Department Speaker Program Grantee

In todays world of self-driving cars, drones and autonomous vehicles, the future trend points towards reliance on UAV’s for a wide range of tasks where human instantiation and activation is either impaired, limited or rather dangerous. Such tasks may include firefighting, taking close up visual or thermal photographs of Dams, Nuclear reactors or engineering constructions – the application of Unmanned Arial Vehicles is broad.

In recent times we have observed the application of drones in life saving blood delivery like ZipLine or in Agriculture for spraying pesticides, planting seeds and fertilizer drop-offs in large farmlands.
They have also been applied in developing Geographical Information of farms, crop statistics gathering and other agro-related applications.

In the light of the above Gallery of Code partnered with GlobalAirMedia who are supported by the U.S State Department Speakers program to hold our first Drone Workshop.

With over 25 participants crammed into our lab, we took a dive into the internal components of drones, such as the Payload, wings and rotors and where delighted to engineer and solder together our own miniature drone.

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