Arts x Tech Festival 2019

Announcing the first-ever Arts & Tech Festival Abuja 2019 from Oct 17 – 19th 2019

Arts x Tech Festival Abuja brings together Artists, Creatives, Technologists and anyone curious to connect the intersection between art and technology. It seeks to unlock perspectives and possibilities on new creative formats tied our normal daily routines which are in large part, determined by technology.

In this melting-pot situation, aesthetics and high-tech elements blend together to form a new contemporary landscape.

Highlight of the festival includes a workshop series called “Investigate Technology” by Dr Ida-Marie Corell from the University of Applied Arts Vienna

The Festival will feature a high-tech aesthetics blend of an Animation Festivals, Exhibitions, Generative Art, Fashion-Tech, 3-D Printed Art, Digital Art, VR & Augmented Reality, Interactive Art Exhibition, and lots more.

The Festival will climax with an open day on October 19th @ Kulture Kode Art gallery Abuja.

Proudly supported by the Embassy of Austria

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